Slate River SUP


Unique flat-water paddle board experience.


Lower section great for children!


Upper stretch - more challenging!!

Slate River – Lower  Section

Paddle Board the Lower Slate River – Easiest Section – Great for families!

Floating times vary with the snow melt off and current river flows. Generally speaking expect the highest flows in June (800-1000 cfs), moderate flows in July (300-500 cfs).  August and September is not recommended due to low flows (less than 100 cfs), cattle waste and a barbwire fence across the river.  

Keep in mind recent rain will change the normal flow for a day or so. Be prepared.

June – Highest water flow – 1.5 hours approximately depending on daily water flows.

July – Moderate water flow – 1.75 to 2 hours approximately depending on daily water flows.

August & September – Low water flow, cattle in area, barbwire fence across river! – NOT Recommended

Slate River SUP

To begin: Start at the Slate River Put-in located on Pyramid Ave.  Please park along the road and leave the turmabout open.

The lower Slate River paddle board float takes your group down river floating through scenic meadows just east of Crested Butte town.  There is one lower bridge to be aware and one float through cattle fence.

Your float will eventually meander by Skyland Country Club.  Be sure to stay on your paddle board and not trespass on the river banks in Skyland.

The Finish or TAKE OUT is just before the bridge on HWY 135 after floating thru Skyland. There is a nice grassy area on left side with a gravel path heading up to the parking lot.  The take out is just after the foot/bike path bridge and before the HWY 135 Bridge.  Please Do NOT float under the HWY 135 Bridge.  This creates a traffic hazard returning to your vehicle

Vehicle Shuttle information for the Slate River: 

The Float Shack will provide vehicle shuttle service for all of our rental groups floating on the Lower Slate River.  For more information see Slate River Shuttle Page

Paddle Boarding the Upper Slate River – More Challenging Section!

Crested Butte Town Voluntary CLOSURE from Oh be Joyful Campground to Recreation Path Bridge. (March 15th – July 15th) See Slate River Working Group for more details.

Stand Up Paddle Board on the Upper Slate River, Crested Butte

Start at the Gunsight Pass Bridge located on Slate River Road. Take 6th St/ Gothic Road north out of Crested Butte. Slate River Road [734] is the first left turn. Follow this past Nicholson Lake for a total of about 2 miles. On the left you will see [739] and a sign for Gunsight Pass Bridge. High clearance vehicles may travel down to the river as there are many car swallowing pot holes on this section of road.

Two take out choices.

The Recreation Path Bridge, east of Teocalli Ave. will be the first take out.
The second option is the HWY 135 Bridge as described above, for a full day of floating fun!

This section is more challenging. There might be a log jam or two to navigate around, as well as a fence to portage (walk around). This section may not be suitable for children to navigate by themselves.

Map to Slate River Lower Section Put-In
Map to Slate River Upper Section Put-In
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