Want to try an inflatable stand up paddle board?

Come to the Float-Shack, rent a NRS inflatable stand up paddle board.  We’re not of course talking the type of cheap beach inflatable shaped like a shark or a dolphin but, a rather high quality item which is rigid enough to allow someone to stand on it, when pumped up to the recommended pressure (approx. 12-15 psi).

Inflatable SUP Construction

An inflatable stand up paddle board is capable to take on such pressure due to it’s drop stitch construction.  The process starts by joining two pieces of polyester woven support fabric with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths. This base material is made in strips from five to ten feet in width, and up to 400 needle heads may be used in the setup. Each needle sews a continuous, evenly spaced thread, back and forth between the two pieces of woven fabric, locking them together into an incredibly strong unit. These drop-stitch sewing machines are marvels of complexity. When a change is made in the spacing distance between the two pieces of woven fabric, it can take over 20 days to remove and replace the required needles.

Drop Stitch
The tens of thousands of polyester threads create a super strong inflatable material.

Pump it up!

Every inflatable stand up paddle board package comes with a hand pump.  It will take 5-7 minutes to bring each SUP to the recommended pressure.  All rental paddle boards at the Float-Shack cone fully inflated.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Shapes

Just as the surf board industry has put a good deal of emphasis on shape, now this has transferred over to the inflatable stand up paddle board market.  New shapes allow for a better glide on flat water and better rocker design aids in whitewater flotation.  Long gone are the days of one size (and shape) fits all.

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