When we were kids, one of our greatest dreams is to walk on water. Our parents keep telling us that bodies of water cannot be our playground. As time passes by, innovations embrace the world, walking on water is still impossible but Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding makes standing and playing on water possible. Many companies now offer paddle board rentals for a tranquil encounter with water.

SUP originated from Hawaii. Stand up paddle boarding uses a surf style board and an elongated paddle. It might be a little similar to canoeing and surfing, but SUP’s function is not only to catch waves but simply for you to have a closer and solemn encounter with water with your friends and family. It comes in various forms like paddling in lakes, beach and to surfing waves. You can also compete in racing and try SUP yoga.

If you are a beginner in SUP and want to gain perfectly fun experience in water, you can start by renting paddle boards. In that way, you will become familiarized with different kinds of paddle boards, and you will see what the best fit is for you. If you are nowhere to go, and looking for the best paddle board rentals, then, Float-Shack in Crested Butte, Colorado has great deals for you!

SUP Paddle & PFD
A woman carries inflatable board, paddle and PFD to Jenny Lake in the Grand Teton National Park.

Float-Shack offers high quality stand up paddle boards and float tubes all from NRS. This company leads the kayak industry and became popular in the past few years because of their fantastic inflatable SUP boards. NRS boards come with different sizes, functions, and styles.

Below is the list of paddle boarding rentals from NRS inflatable:

  1. NRS Adventurer –excellent choice if you want to go touring and do lots of activities. It has enough paddling efficiency and customizable board to suit the type of water you are.
  2. NRS Earl 4—suitable for an easy and fun ride in flat water, rivers, and waves. This inflatable is their most popular paddle board and quite flexible. You can choose from 4” or 6” thick versions.
  3. NRS Tyrant 4—the sportiest version of SUP boards specifically for surfing the river, ocean and catching waves. Controlling with exchangeable fins and grip deck facade is comfortable.
  4. NRS Youth Jester—this is the youth board for smaller adults that wants to engage in SUP. The capacity weight that it can hold is 135 lbs. Youth Jester is a little narrower and thinner for easy paddling.
  5. NRS Wild River Tube—perfect tube for a calm flowing stream. It offers two individual air chambers for more secured and safety trip on the water

SUP is a cardio workout and a stress-reliever activity and it also improves one’s core and overall fitness. Aside from the health benefits that we can get from SUP, the very priceless bonus is the close-up view of underwater life.


Float Shack has terrific paddle board rentals ideal for summer get away from your family, friends, and partners. You will surely appreciate the beauty of water and be mesmerized by it. Before, our playground is just the land, but with SUP water becomes everyone’s happy playground.

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