What is Paddleboarding?

You’ve seen them at the lakes and on floating on the rivers. What is paddleboarding? Why all the hype? Paddleboarding is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports. SUP is capable of delivering a full-body workout, paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy beautiful mountain scenery and the gorgeous Crested Butte nature. But, still what is […]

Paddle Board Rentals in Crested Butte, Colorado

When we were kids, one of our greatest dreams is to walk on water. Our parents keep telling us that bodies of water cannot be our playground. As time passes by, innovations embrace the world, walking on water is still impossible but Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding makes standing and playing on water possible. Many […]

PDF Laws for Paddle Boards (SUP)

PDF Laws Paddle Boards (SUP) PDF laws for paddle boards now require all users to have and for some wear a personal flotation device at all times.  The United States Coast Guard now officially classifies stand up paddle boards (SUP) as vessels.  This means, SUP users must comply with navigation rules , carriage requirements for PFDs, […]

Inflatable SUP

Inflatable SUP or inflatable paddle boards are gaining in popularity.  This newer design has its advantages.   In fact, durability and storage are the most common advantages of the inflatable SUP.    However, an inflatable SUP is not the correct choice for long distance paddlers or most racers.  Inflatable paddle boards do not offer the same glide […]

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